Polarity Therapy


Welcome to Polarity Therapy!

If you are managing:

  • Illness
  • Physical pain
  • High stress
  • Deep fatigue
  • Grief
  • Self esteem
  • Challenges in relationship
  • Career or transition

Polarity therapy offers efficient and effective therapeutic support by restoring movement where there has been fixation and blockage to the natural flow of vital life energy throughout the body/mind/spirit.

This wellness system is based in osteopathy and eastern holistic traditions and works with the principles of yin and yang and the five elements as they manifest and are expressed in our lives. There are four main components to polarity therapy:

1. Hands on energy balancing bodywork

2. Life coaching & counseling 2-chair method

3. Polarity yoga

4. Heath building and purifying dietary practice.

As an associated polarity practitioner (APP), I offer bodywork, 2-chair, individual and group polarity yoga sessions.  It is commonly decided ahead of time if the session will focus on bodywork, 2-chair or yoga, however there are times when a session may include a combination of any of the above mentioned components. The results of polarity therapy are restorative, empowering, and designed to assist you in meeting life’s challenges.

$80/ 60 minute session.