Body-Mind Psychotherapy

Hello, and welcome!

My name is Hilah Neisha Remaily, and I offer individual therapy sessions to women who are struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Relationship, Self Doubt and Life Transition.

Yes! You can discover deeply satisfying resolutions to the complexities of your life and live by your truth and passion! My role as a therapist is to help you develop curiosity, gain perspective, trust your body’s intelligence and re-establish your sense of wholeness.

My background and inspiration stem from somatic psychology, neuropsychology, polarity therapy, and creative arts therapy.  My approach is holistic and based upon the awareness that our body, mind and spirit are in a constant dynamic interplay which is intricate, complex and intelligent. Bringing a sense of curiosity and wonder to this process is one of my most important roles as a therapist.

In sessions I assist you to balance and regulate your emotions and nervous system while deepening insight into your current life situations. As you gathering inner resources and a deepening sense of trust in your process, trauma unwinds itself, negative habits loose their necessity and the whole system begins to re-orient towards a health and wholeness. I emphasize the practice of connecting with your body-mind, self acceptance and de-pathologizing your life story and self identity.

Contact me for a free initial consultation! $108/ 60 minute session.

*Individualized discounts may be available for students and those in need.