Resource and Remember

Living at the Pace of the Body

In this time of high speed living, endless to do lists, stimulation and distractions, internal emotional pressure builds up, and most people experience some form of stress and overwhelm. The nervous system becomes jammed and fatigued when there is too much to process and as a result anxiety, depression, and other unsatisfying coping strategies are common.  Our lives have become unbalanced. We may not notice how or when we became disconnected from ourselves, our loved ones or from a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. Everyone is trying so hard to get it right, to be a good person and hold everything together in the best way possible. While it seems overwhelming to get a handle on it all, the answers to our most challenging life problems are not very far away. We are endowed with the inherent capacity and unlimited potential to learn, grow and resolve our problems and be the people we feel we are meant to be, living the lives we long for. In fact, our health is never lost and a sense of wholeness and balance in our lives is totally accessible when we begin paying attention to our body-mind connection.

To reflect and remember who we are, what matters most in life and what we are trying to accomplish here matters. Learning to slow down and really be with ourselves in quiet stillness can be intimidating and feel like learning a foreign language for many. Research has shown, however, that it is part of our healthy biological necessity to slow down, rest and leave time to digest & integrate all that we engage with each day mentally, emotionally and physically.  Making time to rest, restore and experience meaningful connection with others helps to decrease stress and anxiety, assists with better brain function and helps to improve over all quality of life. As with all learning, especially when it goes against the grain of what you are used to and what those around you are doing, it takes patience and persistence. It also takes the right kind of support and a feeling of safety.

A different kind of doing will break the cycle of stress and disconnection in your life. Slowing down and listening to your body is essential and deeply restorative. Much of what we find when we slow down and listen to the body are stories from the past. Past memories, impressions, messages, relationships, incidences and trauma that never found resolution or completion all held and waiting to tell their stories and to be appreciated. Resolution and completion takes attention, curiosity, care and most importantly a sense of safety.  Given the right conditions healing occurs without effort, and we restore to the balance and limitless energy and potency that is our birthright. Give yourself permission, schedule the time and reach out for the support you need to slow down and remember how good it is to be you!