My children, spirituality, nature, movement, art, healing and the creative process are all deeply inspiring to me. I am a proponent that our lives are a work of art, a creative process that is ever unfolding. I have been passionate about the study of wellness in body, mind, spirit and the earth for most of my adult life. It is clear to me that motherhood has offered me the steepest learning curve of all my studies and pursuits, and has rewarded me far beyond the merit of any available credential.

That said, I studied Dance, Art and Psychology, receiving my BA from Naropa University in 1995. It was such an nurturing community and compelling field of study that I continued on there to study Somatic Psychology with a concentration in Dance Movement Therapy, graduating in 1999 with my Master’s Degree. Most of my professional work in therapy has been with adult women, a group I feel particularly called to serve. I have also worked as an educator with children, and will eventually extend my practice to offer services to support children as well.

I began Moving Truth, LLC in 2012 inspired by the idea that our personal and authentic sense of self, and truth is ever emerging, and that we can never really fall off of our path. Life is unfolding in a mysterious perfection we cannot always understand. It has been a great comfort to me to consider that we are not here to do it right, stop making mistakes and finally get it all perfectly figured out. Rather, our lives are a creative process, a moving, unfolding truth of which we are all a part. I gratefully credit this name to my dear teacher of authentic movement, whose certificate training she named moving truth.

Most recently I have completed my Level I training in Polarity Therapy and I am half way through my training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I have always responded to subtle and energetic forms of body work and have felt that deep healing and potency can be accessed through various forms of touch therapy. It has been delightful to be a student again and engaging with the body-mind connection from a new perspective has been positively affirming to the path I am on as a somatic psychotherapist.